The REBEL ALLIANCE moves forward and closes the most recent chapter in a 12 week block. We implemented some new ideas and tested some theories. Here were some of the changes and updates coming.

First we changed peak weeks for conditioning and strength. For this reason we are able to keep intensity and volume high enough and not destroy athletes (a better solution for HPA axis dysfunction AKA adrenal fatigue). We will be keeping this, as it provides great balance for the athletes and opportunity for personalized add ons.

Second we brought weightlifting volume down and focused more on what is going to make OUR athletes at BLACK SHEEP better. For example overloading movements. We saw improvements in the clean and in the next 12 week cyclewe will push our capacity in the jerk. In addition to emphasizing the jerk more we will have a day weekly dedicated to barbell cycling (this is important for every good CrossFitter, I know Jake Thorp is happy).

Third with weightlifting volume dropped we implemented some gymnastics specific training which was great. We have seen drastic improvements, especially in the Strict HSPU. Here is the deal people... CrossFit HQ has posted several times this year about free standing handstands. This past year in the open we retested the exact same workout with a crap ton of kipping HSPU. Plus the games had ring HSPU last year. This upcoming year we will probably have strict HSPU in the open. Don't make me say I told you so... And if I am wrong, then I am wrong and your core and shoulders just got a hell of a lot stronger. The next 12 week block will be broken up into three 1 month phases (Isometric, Strength, then finally dynamic). In the world of CrossFit isometric strength is endangered. However it does set the foundation for athletes to be able to cultivate tension and ready themselves to apply force.

Fourth (I googled assault bike and this picture is what came up) was the bike and interval training. The Goal with interval training should always be to increase your bodies efficiency in energy uptake for the given metabolic pathway trained. <- Good stuff

So we did some interval work specific to our athletes needs. Athletes that were more anaerobic in nature did longer intervals and athletes that were more aerobic in nature did shorter more anaerobic work. Building off of the bike work will be a running program. Monday we will have aerobic work and Wednesday we will have anaerobic work. Athletes have the opportunity to choose which they need to focus on, or for more well rounded athletes, they can do both. (You will need sidewalk chalk, ask any coach at BLACK SHEEP they will be able to assist you)

Fifth the squats. "Strength is the price of admission." I don't know who said this but I love it. If you want to play the game you must be strong enough to hang with the cool kids. If you can't get yourself up off of the toilet... your done. This is why we squat. There is no better or more functional movement. The newest cycle has some inspiration from Juggernaut, but has been adapted for a CrossFitters work load. We will have three one month phases similar to the gymnastics program: an accumulation phase, strength phase, and finally an application / realization phase.

"Rough template of next 12 week meso-cycle"

Here is the deal...

teamBLACKSHEEP is my inspiration. BLACK SHEEP has transformed my life, and in the process has made me better. The work, sacrifice and generosity by even the most infrequent athlete is unrivaled by any gym I have ever been apart of in the 10 years I have been doing fitness (trust me thats a lot of gyms). It is this commitment to personal growth and self mastery by even our most casual members that has set me on fire with passion.

Coaching teamBLACKSHEEP has challenged me to work even harder, study even more, and expand my knowledge base. That is why we spend countless hours on programming, and learning coaching methods. I will personally clean toilets with toothbrushes if it means an opportunity to learn from the best. WHY? Because teamBLACKSHEEP is destined for greatness and I refuse to let them down!!