Team workouts are an essential part of what we do at BLACK SHEEP. We go by the name "teamBLACKSHEEP" and refer to ourselves as a Fitness Family. It is something that has become part of our culture.

Two main take aways from team workouts and why do them...
First is the emotional / relational impact. No doubt in my mind that it is bonding to train along side of someone. When you have to work together to solve a problem or bleed next to someone to achieve something, that is when trust and synergy gets built. It's obvious to most people observing, but when you train and workout in a way that we do, you really do expose yourself to a high level of vulnerability. When your teammates work to cover or fill that vulnerability is when the mojo gets made. It's respect knowing everyone is doing their best and at some point everyone will have to pick up the slack for someones weakness.
It really is something special, suffering together builds a unique camaraderie. It's why combat marines still enjoy each others company years after deployment. It is the same reason great sports teams stay in contact long after splitting up and making new friends. At the end of the day, it is all about building trust.

These workouts have the ability to bond people together. For us that reinforces our culture, which drives the success of our gym.

Second is the physical impact. Because you don't want to let your teammate down, often times we work harder than we would as individuals. WHY?  As individuals we let ourselves down, that's it, no one else is involved. As a team we let ourselves down and every other person we are training and competing with. The stakes are higher as a result intensity goes up, and as CrossFitters we know that "Intensity is the independent variable that maximizes favorable adaptation". This concept of team workouts is so important that even Coach Glassman wrote a whole article on it (TEAM WORKOUTS). He brings up many great things, but you're better off just reading it for yourself.

No one wants to be the reason the team "failed".  The result, people willing to bleed for the person next to them.
For us, it is part of who we are "We not me". When you call the gym you will get a voicemail that says, "You have reached BLACK SHEEP ATHLETICS, home of teamBLACKSHEEP".  We are not people working out just to get fitter, we are a team of people on a journey to make ourselves and everyone around us better. Athletes don't represent themselves, they represent an idea, a movement, a brand and a way of thinking... THIS CONCEPT IS WORLD CHANGING !!!