Focus on what you can do instead of what you can't do." - Zig Ziglar

A couple of months ago I joined a basketball league. The sound of the sneakers cutting hard across the floor brought me back to an all too familiar feel... uh yessss. While going up for a rebound I landed funny on my right leg and to everyone watching it was obvious I jacked myself up. Throughout college I had experienced serious knee pain, so I was no stranger to knee discomfort. However, this was very different. I went home frustrated that night thinking about some of the gainz I had made during our most recent squat cycle at BLACK SHEEP. After stupid amounts of discomfort while coaching during Under 25 Nationals in Florida, I decided to make a call. We scheduled an MRI which led to a diagnoses of... a severe knee sprain, and some other stuff, but no real tears!!!!!! "Let pain be your guide, and expect 2-6 month recovery" the doctor said to me...

"Its not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters" - Epictetus


On the drive home I immediately started thinking about how I had to change my mindset. How could I see opportunity in this, especially since I need to get stronger in my squat. I became very frustrated knowing that best case scenario I would have to take a step back from squatting for a while.

I made the conscience decision to focus on what I can do and not what I couldn't. I decided to focus my time and energy on developing my upper body strength. I had to develop laser like focus to keep my mind positive and engaged. Over the course of a month my knee improved, and so did my bench! I PR'd my bench press and max effort unbroken strict handstand push-ups! SAY WHAT!!

"Opportunity Mindset"-"With every set back comes its own set of opportunities."- IDK :/


Understand that it isn't a matter of IF "bad" stuff will happen, its a matter of WHEN. Hear me on this one, I put BAD in quotes because if you develop an opportunity mindset then bad things don't become bad they become opportunity and failure becomes feedback. Dean, I am not really an optimist... Got it, either am I. I am not an optimist (wish I was), and some may say that I am pessimist, but I use to say that I was a realist. NOW... I like to say I am an opportunist. See the opportunity in everything!

The mindset is not,  the glass is half full or half empty, the mindset is... LOOK HOW MUCH ROOM THERE IS FOR MORE!! Maybe that plane delay gave you time to write, think, or process, losing the bid on the house saved you from something that wasn't good for you. The hip replacement was meant to slow you down and appreciate the main things, the miscarriage an opportunity to work on your personal relationship with your spouse. The family secret coming out, a moment for you to step up and be the bigger person. Getting fired from your job, an opportunity to take a risk and start your own business.

"The only bad experience is one you didn't learn from" 

The take away: I hope for some of you that maybe struggling with God only knows, this gives you encouragement. Finally I would love to push you to see all things as teachable moments, practice the opportunity mindset. This will take time, but when practiced it becomes freeing. Don't let fear of failure keep you from seeing the growth that can come out of the other side. When you see everything as an opportunity to grow, learn, and stretch yourself, your perspective will change and life will seem to happen for you and not against you 😉