Master or Slave... 

Its a LIE, well a lot of it anyway. Scroll through your Instagram or Facebook feed and all those happy people with perfect lives that are "far" better than yours... its a lie. Here is what you forget when scrolling, you only show people what you want them to see on your social media account, right? So why would anyone else be any different? You choose what you want to post when you want to post it and even the right filters to make things look... better!

Little did we know how fortunate we were when we had to only compare ourselves to the unrealistic figures of those representing fashion and fitness magazines. Now everyone has their own freaking highlight reel of "hey everyone look how awesome my life is" and its all on social media.

The most challenging thing to navigate is the comparison game. When anyone puts up a highlight reel of their extravagant vacation, fancy dinner, expensive car, friend filled night out, perfect relationship, booming business or yet another PR in their fitness endeavor we wonder to ourselves "what am I doing wrong?".

You're a slave:

Let me tell you what is wrong... You are comparing "someone else's highlight reel to your behind the scenes" (I stole it). Yeah... don't do that. You cannot compare yourself to someone else and their controlled, filtere, and touched up content, there is no winning against something that doesn't even really exist.

If you find yourself grabbing for your phone even if you haven't gotten an alert of some sort then you may be a slave. Alerts give us a little shot of dopamine, which is the "pleasure hormone". It's no wonder why social media and our phones can become addicting, we can get a shot of feel good whereever we are as long as we have our phones with us. This is far cheaper and much less obvious than the typical drugs many struggle with today.

Be a master:

Life exists beyond our phones. What it means to be a master is instead of being owned by your phone and social media, that you use it to further yourself or your cause. You are leveraging it and it is not owning you. I know this all too well because I am a recovering phone addict of sorts. I use to think that all urgent things were important things and needed to be dealt with right then (Steven Covey: 7 habits).

I had a very unhealthy relationship with my cell phone.  In January of 2017 I moved my cell phone out of my bedroom and got a five dollar alarm clock from Walmart. Since then I have tried to make my life more personable by keeping my cell phone away when having a face to face conversation with people. Have you ever received that feeling of unimportance when someone is texting while you are talking to them... Yup!

When it comes to social media, I see it as an opportunity to do some good in the world. I use it as a platform to inspire, educate and share my passions. I choose to follow less than 20 accounts on IG, not because I am pretentious (although I can be at times) and think I am above everyone, but so I can filter what I consume. My end goal with social media is to be a contributor not a consumer, share my passions and impact a life.


"I am passionate about three things, my faith, my marriage and fitness. I would hope if I had to stand trial for any of these things, that my life would show enough evidence to convict me" (Borrowed from Coach Wooden and reframed for me).

I won't lie, I wish that I had more pictures with my wife while on vacation together, but I choose to leave my cell phone aside much of the time. The right people know how to get a hold of me if need be, and the same can be said for you.

Get out and enjoy navigating awkward face to face conversations -- I don't like them either -- just jump right in, its good for you. Replace your bedside cell phone with an alarm clock, change your do not disturb settings, or even filter your followers on IG.

Work to make social media be the servant and you the master...