Focus on the foundations! This rings true with just about everything we do in life!

Over the past month at BLACK SHEEP we have focused more on sitting down and standing up (the squat) then we have in several years. We just finished a cycle where we were squatting up to 4x a week and the results were conclusive. Deadlifts went up, snatches went up, cleans went up, benchmark conditioning pieces went up and so much more.

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Quite simple really… We squatted… ALOT! No the relationship between the squat and everything else is not quite as linear as I may be alluding but the truth is if the squat goes up, eventually so will everything else.
WHY? The squat has an uncanny ability to transition well to everything else that we do. First, of the slow lifts, the squat requires the most amount of "Athleticism". In order to squat a certain weight you must walk it off a rack, then control it through both an eccentric and concentric movement. Secondly, the motion of barbell squatting forces your body to release more human growth hormone and testosterone then any other movement! Lastly the squat literally is a building block for so many other movements. If you can't air squat your not going to be able overhead squat or clean. In addition all of our new athletes at BLACK SHEEP learn to air squat before they deadlift or any other movement.

So your saying if I squat good I will be great at everything else… No, not even close. What I am saying is your squat capacity CAN dictate your potential in other areas, and spending time developing that will improve everything else.

"How you do one thing is how you do everything"… if you skip learning the foundations and improving on your positioning, everything else you put on top of it will suffer.

Some simple examples of foundations fueling fire!!
Trying to get better at kipping pull-ups… focus on the hollow and superman position.
Wanna improve your snatch work with a PVC
Trying to improve your squat… face the wall and do some squat therapy

Yes its that simple… its just not that easy! If it were easy everyone would do it!

Ok we just finished this epic strength cycle which really turned into a steroid shot of hormones!
All that squatting and deadlifting certainly changed how our body produces hormones and how much our body is producing, and thats kinda the point. From here we will ride that high. For the next 12 weeks,  we will squat 3x a week, clean & jerk 3x a week and snatch 3x a week. Our goal will be to continue forcing our bodies hand in adaptation and hormone production, by getting stronger and learning to move a barbell more efficiently.

Lets continue getting jacked out of our minds!

-Coach Dean