Test week is finished !!!
Benchmarks are vital to quantify results. If you cannot measure, observe, and repeat something the results from such data are inconclusive. Consistent benchmarks and tests are essential for real time feedback on the growth of an athlete or the validity of a protocol. Like anything the end goal is always knowledge and feedback. Successes tell you, your moving forward, failures tell you to change direction! You need both to achieve greatness.

For me its always about taking points on a curve and raising them! Example... the higher you 1rm back squat is the better a 45 pound barbell will feel. Its really that simple really… not that easy 😉 Each "pathway" demands a training protocol to satisfy its need for adaptation. The higher you can raise points on a curve the easier everything below it will feel. One can consider an inverse relationship with your heart rate. The lower your resting heart rate, chances are the better your body will respond to high intensity training methodologies.

The results this past "test week" have been nothing short of amazing. Several PR's huge PR's on the deadlift (were talking 30 pound PRs by seasoned athletes), Back Squats went through the roof as did as did the Snatch, Clean. Also not to forget and conditioning times on classic benchmark workout were annialated like woahhh.  We have put the human body through quite a an intense training protocol to stimulate growth and demand change. Thats right you need to "demand change", remember doesn't matter how good the programming is if you do not demand max effort in each training session then your progress will not continue.

We took time to raise our max strength… now we will be taking that raw strength and turning it into speed strength and really develop the snatch and clean and jerk.   July comes the Liberty Games… a big local weightlifting competition. We will be training to win it all 😉

-Dean M. Leber